Job Interview Tips and Tricks: Acing a Job Interview

The competition for available jobs is fierce as more and more people find themselves unemployed. Learn to prepare for the interview to put yourself in the best position to give a good performance.

You were selected for an interview.  That means they think you have the experience and credentials needed for job.

Now you need to find the right interview tricks and tips that will make you stand out and ace the interview.

Prior to the Job Interview

Acing a job interview starts before the actual interview itself.

Talk to an Insider

It is a great idea to start out by getting an insider’s opinion about the workings of your prospective employer.

Ask the person scheduling your interview about the workplace and its challenges, the nature of the management, and what the staff really like and dislike about their jobs.

Use the opinions that were shared to make notes about what attire you should wear as well as questions to ask during the job interview.

Mock Interviews

The next thing you can do is to have mock interviews conducted by an able partner. Your aim should be to improve your fluency so you can answer typical interview questions more naturally. Many people don’t believe in these types of job interview tips and tricks, but practice makes perfect… and it will help you get a job.

Become Familiar With The Company

You should have the basic and current knowledge about about your prospective employer before your interview. This includes their mission statement, financial performance, target market, and planned projects if any etc.

Employers prefer candidates that can hit the ground running, and a genuine interest from you in what their firm is all about certainly gives you a head start. Apply for a job that you see yourself enjoying for the next 10 years as well as something you plan on going to school for. It doesn’t hurt to obtain a degree in this field, or even to start obtaining a degree in this field. The sheer fact that you’re going to school is sometimes enough to impress an employer. For example, obtaining your MS RCL (Masters of Science in Renewable and Clean) online is a great way to get your foot in the door of a number of industries. The home heating industry, for example, is starting to utilize renewable energy sources. And you have a great chance of becoming hired if you’re pursuing an education in the field. Best of all, online education allows you to work while you earn your degree.

Being knowledgeable about their business will also show them that you have drive and initiative. That by itself might help you land the job.

Get the Details About Your Job Description

It is all important that you know more details about your possible position than were in the ad you answered. Most ads will carry some details about this but it would be better to get a complete picture before your interview.

Well before the job interview, you can contact the firm’s human resource department to get a detailed job description. This will help you know what skills are required for the position, and therefore help you tailor many of your answers to the specific skills that will be needed.

The detailed job description will also help you prepare questions you can ask the interviewer. Again, this shows initiative and preparation, both of which will help you to score points.

Answer the Job Interview Questions Honestly

While applying for jobs and in subsequent interviews, you should always be entirely honest. There will be times that you are asked about a specific skill that you may not actually have.

Be honest about it and be quick to show them what steps you can take to quickly acquire these skills. You can also describe other related skills you have that can be used to achieve the same results.

Let them see you as a confident and versatile individual who is quick to learn new concepts and make use of them effectively.

Describe Your Strengths and Weaknesses

A common question in many interviews has to do with the asking you to describe your strong and weak points.

This is a question that requires prior preparation so that the answers provided can make an impact.

The main guideline in this case is never to flatter yourself too much and never to put yourself down excessively. Employers observe responses to these questions keenly, and you should never be seen to simply blurt out the first thoughts that come across your mind.

You know they are going to ask this question and they know that you know it. Not having a prepared, and natural response shows poor preparation.

Job Interview Questions Prohibited By Law

We previously mentioned that you should answer all questions honestly.  While this is true, you should also be aware that there are some questions that you shouldn’t answer if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

The law protects interviewees from responding to questions about religion, marital status, children issues, sexual preferences, ethnicity, race, and gender, if it is against their will.  Most job interview tips say that you should politely decline to answer those types of questions.

Don’t Underestimate the Dress Code

Whatever the job position you are being interviewed about is, you should always ensure that you dress accordingly. This means you should dress a little better than you would on a typical work day for that job.

If the job you are being interviewed for is not in the business/professional world, you should take that into consideration.  If it is a “jeans” environment, you should consider casual slacks or khakis, etc.


For men it is quite straightforward – a formal suit, pressed shirt, tie, a dress belt, and dress socks and shoes. The hair and beard should be neatly shaven and the nails taken care of as well.


For ladies it may be a formal suit or dress, a formal blouse, and dress shoes that show class. Hairstyles and makeup should be classy but simple.

Pay Attention to the Details

One of the most important job interview tips for acing a job interview is pay attention to the details.  Show the interviewers that the job is important to you, and they will certainly respond in the same manner.

  • You absolutely have to be prompt. In fact, you should actually strive to be early so any delays you encounter along the way won’t make you late.
  • All the required documents should be in your possession and carried professionally.
  • Make extra copies of your resume just in case there are multiple interviewers.
  • During the interview you should always be attentive, and this calls for eye contact.
  • Resist the urge to yawn repeatedly or peek at your watch constantly.

After the Job Interview

At the end of the session you should thank the interviewer(s) and reassure them about your interest in the position. You can then send them a thank-you note with the same reassurance.  You can also provide them with the best way to contact you if they have questions or want to offer you the job.

What Do You Think?

Are there any other job interview tips and tricks that we left out that you can share with others?

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