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These days, with a lot of people getting laid off from their regular jobs, there is a boom in online employment among men and women, young and old.The internet, as always, provides so many opportunities that anybody with a little perseverance and training ought to be able to find some way to make some extra income from home.
Among the most promising options for employment online is becoming a web tutor: not only do you get paid to web tutor, but you make a difference in kids’ lives all across the country, and possibly the world. Few things could be as rewarding.

What It’s All About

Being a web tutor implies helping other people, generally kids in school, to understand the subjects that they are studying and to enrich their overall learning experience.

To teach on the web, you will either need to have significant knowledge about a particular subject or, better yet, have a teaching or tutoring certification.

The screening and selection process for online tutors is quite strict on the most professional, heavily-visited sites, and may be a little more lax on other sites.

Nonetheless, it is an industry-wide expectation that you be very competent in the particular subject you tutor in and, furthermore, that you not simply be doling out answers but rather helping in the learning process, guiding students to the right answers without serving them up on a silver platter.

Where It’s Done

Web tutoring is done from home in most cases, which is the great convenience to it. The student is usually either at home too, or at school or other place with internet access.

Most online web tutoring sites offer virtual classrooms where a tutor and pupil can meet one-on-one—or in group, if so chosen—to discuss the material the student is dealing with, with capacity to share files, have live chats, have voice conversations, and other forms of online interaction.

Web Tutoring in More Detail

Here we discuss some further details about the requirements for teaching on the web:

  • Most e-tutoring jobs are pretty flexible in terms of scheduling.
  • An online tutor is asked to commit to a minimum of five weekly hours, as a show of good faith and intention to take the work seriously.
  • People who dispose of more hours, and particularly the hours from Sunday through Thursday in the afternoon and evening, are generally preferred and get the best rates.
  • It’s common to find a $10/hour starting rate at the more successful online tutoring sites.
  • As mentioned, in order to become an online tutor you’ll need to have a degree or at least a certain level of knowledge, which is verified by the hosting site over a probationary period of anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. Some sites offer partial pay in this period, whereas others may not pay you at all in this time.
  • A couple of good organizations that offer tutoring certification, are the Natitional Tutoring Association, and the American Tutoring Association.
  • Of course, it is usually helpful (or necessary) to have strong IT skills to do this kind of work, since you will be operating exclusively over the web.
  • Some sites impose requirements like living in the country, whereas others are open to applicants from throughout the world.
  • Some will pay you online, whereas others will pay you by check.
  • Commonly, there is no tax deducted from web tutoring payments, and your site’s company should send you out a 1099 IRS form, which you will later have to file with the rest of your taxes.

Where to Go

With online tutoring as popular as it is, it doesn’t take more than one minute of Googling the subject to get a whole host of possibilities.
A few industry standard-bearers would have to be:

All of these sites are running highly professional operations, so applicants can enter the process with confidence that they won’t be wasting their time.

Nonetheless, be prepared to go through the trial process and see if you have been selected to be a tutor; it may not necessarily be as simple as you had hoped. Therefore, make sure to polish up your resume beforehand, as well as have some references available to attest to your professional conduct and competence. Whatever you do, don’t go into this empty handed, and don’t be too cocky in the procedure; these people know who is qualified and who isn’t, so don’t take them for fools.

The Satisfaction

Few activities could be as rewarding as to teach on the web. As stated earlier on, many people find themselves at home, unemployed, but perfectly capable of sustaining a meaningful job.

For them, and for anybody that finds themselves with the adequate conditions to spend several hours a week, preferably in the time brackets stipulated above, dedicated to online tutoring, the job represents a great new frontier, full of challenge and excitement.

It’s that, to the joy of many, you get to have fun and earn money as an online tutor, which is a combination that not many people can boast of having.

In today’s world, more and more students are signing on to get help with their studies online, so web tutoring is definitely intricately wound up in the future of education itself, and the prosperity of coming generations.

Schools and teachers today actively encourage their students to use the internet to advance their studies, and the students have pronounced a resounding judgment on how best to do so: by going to these very sites in search of some mentoring.

The more popular tutoring sites mentioned above may get up to 75,000 students signing in and looking for help with their homework in a single afternoon! The ability to help them is the ability to help shape the future of the country, to change it for the better. And that’s precisely why so many people are flocking to this new vocation: to help leave a positive impact when all around us we see the negative effects of some very tough times.

If you happen to be hurting from the times, then why not take a step in the right direction and try online tutoring out? You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

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