Getting a Cheap or Free Haircut

Most people will always need haircuts, but these can be expensive, especially if you’re visiting the salon once every 2 months.
What many people do not realize, is that there are a few ways that we can save money on haircuts, or even get a completely free haircut without compromising the quality.
Here are some useful hair cutting tips that will have you saving money at the salon:

Hair Salon Training Days

Many of the top salons, have weekly haircut training sessions for their stylists-in-training.

The stylists get the chance to practice cutting hair, while you in return get a cheap haircut.

The sessions are always supervised by a professional to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

These training day sessions are at a fraction of the regular costs, and you can sometimes even get cheap hair coloring as well.

  • Contact some of the hair studios in your area to see if and when they offer training sessions.
  • If you live in the New York area, here are a couple more links to find salons with haircut training sessions: NYMag Haircut Guide and BBU Model Project.

Free Haircuts at Beauty Schools

If you do not live near a salon that offers reduced price haircuts at training sessions, try contacting a nearby beauty school. Beauty schools are often looking for volunteers to give haircuts to, in order to help the students learn. The students will always be supervised by experienced stylists.

Unlike the training sessions at the salons, which tend to be at discount rates, the haircuts at beauty schools will usually be free.

If you are worried that you will be having your hair cut by a novice, then when you make your appointment, request a student with experience or close to graduation.

To find local beauty schools, you can use the following directories: A2ZColleges and Beautyschoolsdirectory.


Go to your regional Craigslist page and do a search for “free haircut”. There will often be posts from cosmetologists looking to practice or build their portfolios. The only drawbacks are that the haircuts may not be supervised, and it is possible that you won’t have control over the style of the cut.

Alternate Hair Stylists

Alternating between expensive and cheap haircuts is a great way to save. In between every visit to that pricey hair studio, take a trip to one of the discount stylists. Just have the stylist at the discount salon follow the style of your previous cut. There really isn’t much room for error and you could be saving a tidy sum.

Haircut Coupons

Many salons will offer coupons giving you the opportunity to get a discount rate.

To find coupons for other hair salons, have a look in your local newspapers and mailers, or Google the name of a salon that you frequent, along with the word “coupons” and see what comes up.Alternatively, for a general search, Google “haircut coupons.”Some hair salons even offer reward cards that will earn you a freebie haircut after a certain number of trips. Be sure to ask about this the next time you’re at the salon.

Final Tips

  • Barber shops are cheaper than salons, and even women can get trims there.
  • Getting your haircut a little shorter will make the need haircut trips less frequent.
  • Look for “Donating Hair” events in your area. Not only do you get a free haircut, but you also feel great knowing that you’re helping others. This website offers more information: Beutifullenghts.

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