How to Cut Costs of Your Cable TV

Having hundreds of tv channels to watch has turned from a luxury into something that many people feel like they can’t do without. The good news is that there are ways to cut costs on your cable TV bill.

There are many different ways that you can pursue in an effort to cut your cable costs.  These techniques work whether you’re talking about cable or a satellite dish service.

Threaten to Cancel

Please see below for additional information on this powerful technique.


In many cases, you can “bundle” your cable, internet and phone service so that they are all through the same provider. This usually results in a discounted rate for each service that you include in the bundle.

Use the Current Promotions

If you see a new package that is cheaper than the one you’re on, place a call and ask to switch.

Cancel What You Don’t Watch

Take note of which channels and features you don’t watch and try to have them removed from your service.

  • Do you watch enough movies on premium channels to be worth the cost?
  • Do you really need 15 channels of college football?
  • If you only watch 10 – 20 channels, call your provider and see if the others can be removed to reduce your rate.

Threaten to Cancel

As mentioned above, this is clearly the most effective way to reduce your cable bill and will work with any service provider.

The reason this technique is so effective is simply because they don’t want to lose your business.

If you are already a customer, they are making money from you every month, without any additional advertising costs, etc.

If they have to cut your rates in order to keep getting a check from you, they will do it.

They will still make money from you, it just won’t be as much as before. However, a smaller amount is still better than $0, which is what they would get if they let you walk away.

Place the Call

The most effective use of the “threat to cancel” is to talk to a live person. This is one instance where the company will make it very easy for you to find someone to talk to. They want you to connect to a representative who is basically a salesman trying to talk you into remaining with the company.

When you contact your cable provider, take the mindset that you really do want to cancel your service. If they believe you are just trying to lower your bill, they may be more reluctant to give you a deal.

Contact the “cancel service” option that should part of their automated phone system.

The service cancellation department consists of the people trained in retaining customers. They will try very hard to keep you as a customer, to the point of reducing your cable TV bill substantially. In fact, these service representatives actually get paid bonuses for each customer that they are able to retain.

Having the Conversation

Once you get through to someone, explain nicely that your cable bill is too expensive and you need to cancel the service.

The First Response

You will most likely receive one of three answers:

a) They will tell you that you already have the best possible price there is

b) They will offer you a small discount on your monthly bill

c) They will suggest that you sign up for another service that offers a discount

The Crucial Step

Here is where it gets serious and where your negotiating skills will come into play. Your reply should be something like this:

“Thank you so much for that information but I’m planning to switch to (a competitor). I saw they have a very similar service that is much cheaper.”

For this to be effective, you should do research prior to the phone call so you can talk about a realistic option.

These representatives are trained and authorized to offer dramatically reduced pricing in order to keep you as a customer if you talk about their competitors.

The Second Response

At this point, the representative may try to offer you some free channels or other service.

If they do, politely tell them you aren’t interested in additional services. You are interested in canceling your service because it is too expensive.

At this point, they are usually authorized to offer you a substantial reduction on your bill. It is common to get cuts of up to 50%.

Things to Remember

  • Always remain friendly and appreciative of the customer service representative’s efforts.
  • Before calling, do some research into the rates of the area cable companies to use as a reference
  • You have to state the name of a competitor before the representative is authorized to offer lower rates
  • Don’t feel bad for the reps, they get paid on a bonus system by retaining customers
  • You will never be allowed to cancel without them trying to entice you to remain as a customer
  • Remember: Just because you are threatening to cancel, doesn’t mean you have to if you aren’t successful in getting a reduction on your bill.

What Do You Think?

Do you have any other tips on how to reduce your cable bill?

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