Affordable Dental Care and How to Find it

More than 100 million Americans do not have dental insurance, and if you’ve been to the dentist recently it’s obvious why. Even with a dental insurance plan, the prices at the dentist can be through the roof for the simplest of procedures. Many of us choose to stay at home instead, but we will probably need to visit the dentist at some point.
So how can we find ways to afford going to the dentist? Let’s discuss….

Dental Schools Offering Discount Dental Care

For a fraction of the cost or even for free, you could get your dental work done at an accredited dental university.

Your teeth will be worked on by students with the supervision of a licensed dentist.

The advanced procedures that require more experience are taken by the 3rd and 4th year students.

Check this list for accredited dental schools near you, at the American Dental Association website.

Free Dental Clinic

Yes, there is such a thing, but be prepared for long waiting lists.  You can call your local health department for information into the clinics that offer free dental work, or you can try this list of free medical and dental clinics.

Discount Dental Care Plans

These differ from regular insurance in that they usually require just one low yearly payment. This in turn, provides you with affordable dental care, but without many of the annoying restrictions usually put in place by insurance companies, such as annual limits and paperwork. You can do a Google search for “Discount Dental Plans,” and search over 30 different companies.

A couple of these companies are MediSaver and AlphaDentalPlan.

Ask for a Dental Discount

It sounds simple enough, but many dentists will actually charge you less if you are uninsured than they would bill the insurance companies. So next time you are at the dentist, make it a point to ask.

Dental Work in Mexico

One way to get cheap dental work is to go to a Mexican dentist. On the surface, this approach has its obvious disadvantages, safety concerns and language barriers being just a couple. However, this is becoming a popular option due to the big savings and good quality dentistry available.

All major border towns will have a large selection of affordable dentists, some good and some bad.

Getting a referral and recommendation is highly advised.Try asking friends and searching website forums.

Getting your dental work done in Mexico will require a lot of research to ensure that you feel comfortable with the dentist you choose, but the money saved could be worth it.

  • WARNING – Mexico is currently experiencing increased levels of violence, especially along the border.

Community Dental Programs

If you meet certain criteria, your children may qualify for free community dental programs. Do a Google search for “Community Dental Programs,” along with the name of your state or city.

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