Tips for Planning an Inexpensive Kids’ Birthday Party

With the high cost of party decorations it can be daunting to think about the impact that an upcoming birthday party can have on your family’s tight budget, but there are several creative ways of throwing a child’s birthday party that are not only fun but are incredibly budget-friendly!

With a bit of thought, a bit of creativity, and a bit of help from your friends and family you can throw the best budget-friendly birthday party on the block!

Keep It Small

One of the best ways to keep the budget under control for your kid’s birthday party is to keep the party small; avoid inviting too many kids to the party in an effort to avoid the need to spend too much on a cake and other party snacks.

An added bonus to keeping the birthday party small is that there will be fewer children to try and wrangle if things get out of hand – as they so often do with a dozen or so little ones underfoot! With a lower level of chaos there will also be less in the way of post-party cleanup!

Save Money on Decorations

There are several great methods of saving money on your party decorations; you don’t need to spend a small fortune on something that is only going to be used once or twice for a birthday party. You can readily create your own decorations that fit right into your tight family budget.

  • With a piece of poster board, a set of markers, and a bit of creativity you can create a birthday sign for your child – if your child has a favorite television character consider drawing them on the poster board to bring a bit more color to the party!
  • Check out the deals on party decorations at Wal-Mart, Target, and the Dollar General; you may find several great items like streamers and perhaps even a piñata on clearance! With a few simple and budget-friendly decorating basics you will be able to transform your child’s birthday party from drab to fab!
  • If you are less than creative then you may want to consider looking for used party decorations on eBay or Craigslist. Allow someone else to take the high retail hit on new decorations!

Kids’ Birthday Party Invitations

Whether you are inviting three or thirty people to your child’s party, invitations can quickly add up to be an expensive part of the party planning process. However, there are a few ways to save money on budget-friendly invitations!

  • The Green Way Consider not sending out paper invitations; go for the greener option of sending e-invitations via email. This is a great way of sending a custom-designed birthday invitations that fit perfectly into an incredibly tight budget!
  • Make Your OwnAnother great method of sending out unique birthday party invitations is to recycle items from your home, like cereal boxes, and create custom designed invitations out of the cardboard. Don’t forget to encourage the invitation recipients to recycle the birthday invitation after they’ve received it!

Evites and even a text message or phone call are great methods of keeping the costs low for your child’s birthday party!

Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas for Entertainment

To further help you fit your child’s birthday party into your budget you should consider doing away with the clown or magician entertainment; this additional expense can readily be replaced by renting a favorite kids movie or playing simple and fun party games.

  • Rent A Karaoke Machine For older kids, consider renting a karaoke machine to provide them with entertainment that is sure to result in a lot of laughter and hours of enjoyment!
  • Ask Uncle Al Consider asking a friend or family member to provide the entertainment at your party; rent a costume so they can dress up like a favorite television character and help to entertain your little party guests.
  • Games Kids’ birthday party games are sure to be a hit amongst your little party guests; for younger kids consider playing games like “duck, duck, goose” and for older kids consider charades!
  • Kids Birthday Party Ideas for the Cake

No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake! To save money on a store-bought cake you should consider baking one yourself or asking a friend or family member to bake one for you.

  • Homemade Cakes If you are not the most creative baker, consider asking a creative friend or family member to create a birthday cake for your child’s birthday; pick up a few inexpensive cake decorations at the Dollar Store and you’ll soon have the perfect birthday cake for the birthday table!
  • The Cupcake Option To help cut down on cake wastage consider opting for decorated cupcakes in lieu of a large sheet cake. If you know ahead of time the names of the kids who will be attending the party consider decorating their cupcakes with their names! What a great way to personalize their experience with specially decorated cupcakes!

The Snacks

Save money on the snacks and drinks that you purchase for the party. By purchasing generic snack items you will be able to efficiently trim the budget; place the snacks into big bowls on the party table and no one will be the wiser!

To further help keep the cost of snacks and food down consider serving hotdogs, homemade pizza or even small hamburgers that your little party guests are sure to enjoy; chicken nuggets and French fries can also be a sure hit at a birthday party for kids!

If your child’s birthday party is going to be one with many adults in attendance consider inviting the adults to bring over BBQ supplies so that they can grill and enjoy themselves as much as the smaller party guests do!

Keeping Costs Low

While there is a trend of providing goody bags for the children who attend your child’s birthday party, consider doing away with this trend at your hosted party. After all, it is your child’s party – you shouldn’t have to provide his friends with gifts too!

With a bit of creative thought and careful planning you will be able to easily put together a budget-friendly birthday party that is sure to wow all of the guests in attendance – both young and adult!

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