Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Stressful Times

Stressful times call for positive thinking. Maintaining a positive attitude can mean the difference between triumphing over difficult circumstances and succumbing to them.

The benefits of positive thinking are well known and worth considering. However, it’s not always easy to stay positive when when fear and uncertainty enter our lives.

Maintaining a positive outlook will help you survive hard times if and when they happen.

Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself is the first step toward maintaining a positive attitude.

Many people fail to reflect on their attitude toward people, events and things.

They operate according to the habits they have about how they perceive and respond to what goes on around them.

How about you?

Are you thinking positively? Or has your thinking become negative? Are you wishing you could maintain a more positive attitude? Are your thoughts harmonious? Or are you always in the middle of uproar and drama?

Perhaps it’s time to stop and take a personal inventory. Peace on a personal level is possible, but it must be cultivated.

The Law of Attraction

A powerful universal law operates anywhere and everywhere on this planet. It is called the Law of Attraction, and it means this:

Whatever you concentrate on, pay attention to, focus on or dwell on is drawn to you, for better or worse. If you spend your time thinking on negative or fearful things, your problems will enlarge. On the other hand, if your thoughts are positive, hopeful and constructive, you will draw positive things into your experience.

How much control do you have over this phenomenon? A lot!  One key to maintaining a positive attitude is to concentrate on being positive.

Positive Self-Talk

The best place to start is with yourself. Try as best you can to follow these principal guidelines:

  • Be conscious of how you refer to yourself and your life. Substitute positive statements for doubtful or negative ones.
  • Affirm your worthiness with positive statements, such as, “I am healthy, I am strong, I am able to do everything I set my mind to. Abundance and contentment are mine.”
  • Whenever a thought rises up that seems negative, substitute it with a peaceful, loving one.

With practice, you will feel your life changing. You’ll gradually recognize yourself as a vital part of God’s plan, a worthy person able to do and be far beyond what you’ve ever dreamed.

Positive Associations

One of the most important factors in maintaining a positive attitude is associating with positive people. How will you these positive people?

  • They will be operating “from the heart” rather than the ego.
  • Even though they will have challenges and problems like everyone else, there will be a peace, a grace around them.
  • Positive people do not blame others for their situations. They know they create their own reality, just as you do.
  • Positive people are often prosperous without seeming to strive to be.
  • They reach out to others in need and take little thought for themselves.

Who do you hang out with? As you become increasingly able to maintain a positive attitude and thoughts, you may find yourself gravitating toward more positive people and avoiding folks who complain, blame and dramatize. This is a good sign!

How to Let Grace and Abundance Flow Through You

Your natural state as a human being is one of peace and grace, but the world has imposed its busyness and troubles on us all.

Relax and take frequent breaks throughout the day to concentrate on your breathing, read inspirational writings, or just count your blessings.

Realize that peace and abundance are all around you. Open your heart to receive it. Your days will start to go better.

Some Techniques to Correcting Course Mid-Stream

Maintaining a positive attitude is easier said than done- at least at first. It gets easier in time, and until it does, you will find negative thoughts, fears, resentments and momentary confusion popping up to invade your mind space.

Catch these thoughts mid-stream. Honor them as being mistaken, and let them go. Resume a neutral or positive frame of mind. The following techniques may help, but keep in mind that they take practice. The part of you that is habitually negative, angry, discouraged will resist these techniques at first. Do them anyway!

1. Focus on Your Breath
Conscious breathing brings you in tune and plugged into the present. Fear and negative thought cannot exist in the now. Breath in and out rhythmically, focusing on the rise and fall of your diaphragm. With practice, this can be a powerful tool for resuming and holding yourself in a positive, peaceful state.

2. Focus on the Word Love
Negativity flees when Love is on the scene. Breathing in love and breathing out love will keep you focused and centered. If you find yourself slipping into negativity, just return to Love.

3. Meditate for Several Short Periods Each Day
Sit or lie quietly, eyes closed with hands folded or held comfortably at your sides. Let all tension go and just “be” where you are. If thoughts creep in, let them go and resume an attitude of peace and quiet. You may enjoy using a guided meditation tape when you’re learning. In time you will look forward to these quiet times and miss them when they are skipped.

Yoga is a wonderful complement to meditation and conscious living, and will support your efforts toward a more positive lifestyle and thought life. See YogaJournal for some helpful info.

The Benefits of Maintaining a Positive Attitude

What can maintaining a positive attitude do for you? Let us have a look:

  • First of all, the Law of Attraction will begin working for you in a more positive way. You will attract more positive people, events and situations in your life.
  • Second, you will be more relaxed and operate from the peace within. Your response to life will come from a saner and less stressfull place, with better outcomes. Your health will likely reflect your positive mental outlook. People will ask you if you’re doing something different, and you’ll be able to say, “Yes!”.
  • Lastly, your heart will open toward others with compassion and understanding. People will be attracted to you for the wisdom and comfort they sense in your presence. You’ll find yourself being more willing to do the right thing, say the right thing, at the right time.

Keeping a Positive Attitude Leads to a Positive Future

Cultivating positive thought patterns takes practice, but you’ve got lots of time, and life gives you lots of opportunities to see things in a better light. If you make a decision deep in your heart to think more positively, practice the techniques outlined above about how to maintain a positive attitude, and study the teachings of those who taught peace and harmony as a way of life, you’ll eventually find yourself walking in peace the better part of each day. There is no better way to live.

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