Budget-Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and family is a great way to kick off a brand new year; however, it can be all too easy to go overboard on the spending all in the name of a good time.

With a little bit of planning and collaborating with your guests, you will be able to enjoy a successful New Years Eve celebration that is sure to start your year off in the best way possible!

New Years Eve Ideas: Finger Food Feasts

In an effort to simplify your evening, while simultaneously cutting costs, consider an evening that consists of a feast of delicious finger foods that your guests can enjoy when the urge strikes them. A finger food buffet will help you to keep your guests fed while helping you to avoid the need to spend a significant portion of your evening in the kitchen supervising various aspects of your meal. The majority of finger foods can be made or purchased fairly affordably – crackers with a selection of cheeses, various savory pastries, and even a fruit tray selection. Mini bagels or croissants with a selection of spreads make an excellent addition to your finger food feast!

The key to a successful finger food feast is to ensure that the foods you lay out can be safely left at room temperature without affecting taste! If you are considering items like sushi, then perhaps keep it chilled by using a plate that is set over a bowl of ice in an effort to keep it cooled – and remind your guests that it needs to be eaten within a few short hours of being set out.

New Years Eve Ideas: Potluck Fun

A great way to encourage your guests to participate in your evening, and also help to spread the expenses out a little bit, is to host a potluck dinner. Make a list of what will be needed for the meal, or at the very least keep track of what your guests will be bringing so that you don’t wind up with five loaves of garlic bread and five apple pies. A potluck dinner can be a great way to spread the costs of the meal out amongst your guests while getting to sample the culinary delights that your friends and family members whip up to contribute to your meal!

>New Years Eve Ideas: Soup Night Celebration

In order to minimize the after-party clean up, consider hosting a homemade soup night for your New Years Eve celebration! That way your guests will just be bringing soup they’ve made in a crockpot or large soup pot! Soup night, much like a potluck dinner, is a great way of enjoying what your friends and family members whip up in the kitchen and is also a great way to spread out the expenses for your night. With a few loaves of homemade bread and perhaps an assortment of cookies for dessert – your New Years Eve celebration will have a cozy and enjoyable ambiance to it!

New Years Eve Ideas: Wine Tasting Event

For a much more elegant affair, consider hosting a wine tasting New Years Eve party; have your friends bring over one or two bottles of wine (set a wine bottle budget of perhaps under $15 per bottle) and provide a selection of cheese, crackers, and fruit. To ensure that no one sets out on the roads after having had a little too much to drink, you should consider providing a selection of fruit juices for your friends who opt to be the designated driver. Make things fun for the designated drivers by creating little cards with information about the juices – just like you will be doing for the wines. An alternative is to host a wine-tasting slumber party so that everyone can enjoy their evening without the risks of getting onto the roads while under the influence. Your guests can all have a fantastic time, without putting anyone else in danger. A fun breakfast of waffles or pancakes can kick off your New Year in delicious style!

New Years Eve Ideas: A Quiet Night In

If your New Years Eve plans are going to be small – perhaps just your partner and your kids, or a select few other friends, then consider a quiet night in. Bake a homemade pizza with your favorite toppings, or mini pizzas so that everyone can get the topping that they enjoy, and pick up a selection of DVD’s that everyone will enjoy. A big bowl of popcorn along with copious amounts of candy and you are all set for a New Years Eve that will be thoroughly enjoyable while simultaneously being easy on the budget!
Don’t forget to hit the pause button on your movies in order to watch the Time’s Square ball drop at midnight!

6New Years Eve Ideas: The New Years Eve Toast

What New Years Eve celebration would be complete without a glass of champagne in your hand? Avoid spending a small fortune on champagne and opt for a much more budget-friendly sparkling wine or sparkling apple juice for the designated drivers or those who are not able to drink wine!

7Budget-Friendly New Years Eve Decorations

Decorating your home for your New Year’s Eve party does not have to be an expensive undertaking! Consider relocating your Christmas lights indoors and string them from the ceiling to create a fun indoor festive feel! Be sure that the lights don’t dangle low enough for people to accidentally get entangled in them. Pay a visit to your local discount dollar stores and see what they have in the way of low-cost party hats, party favors, and assorted noisemakers – scatter these around on your tables that are covered with low-cost tablecloths! Try to avoid using your “good linen” as it might get a touch on the dirty side after a fun night with your friends in your house. Pick up, instead, plastic tablecloths that can just be thrown away after your party – to add a touch of elegance to your party, a black tablecloth with silver or white sparkly confetti sprinkled on the table along with inexpensive silver and black accent balloons can really liven up a party.

Most discount dollar stores are likely to have a selection of novelty plastic cups, beer mugs, and even margarita glasses – fill the margarita mugs with an assortment of mixed nuts and chocolate candies! Fill the other cups with novelty bendy straws, pretzel sticks, and even party noisemakers. Be a little bit creative and have fun with your decorations.

Remember that the most important part of any New Year’s Eve party is to have fun and stay safe while having fun!

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