Start Making Money with a Sewing Machine

If you have a passion or a talent for sewing, why not begin using your  sewing machine to make money. There are several promising ways of making  money by sewing things, especially if sewing is something that you love  to do and something that you are good.

Consider the demand for sewing. Most people can’t sew, and if they cannot sew then they can only purchase what is available. As everyone’s size and shape is different, many people need their clothing to be custom fit. The same thing is true about home decor. There are so many different ways to turn your talent into profit. Here are some different ways to make money with a sewing machine:


Alterations are a great and simple way to make money using your sewing machine. You can alter any piece of clothing and you can charge a certain price to do so. If you are confident in your abilities to sew, you may want to open an alteration shop. This is a small shop that allows customers to bring clothes to you that are too big or cannot fit any more. You need to have a dressing area so they can change into the clothes they need altered. Then you will need to measure your customer with their clothes on, to determine how much you need to take up and alter. Then, you will mark where you need to sew begin sewing, once they have removed their clothes. If your orders become backed up, the customer may need to return for their clothes after a certain date. You may decide to specialize in something which you would then want to advertise. For example, you may specialize in wedding dresses and tuxedo or prom alteration. You can also offer your own special items in your shop which you can sew while you wait on customers to bring in the alteration work.

Sewing Uniforms

Sewing sports uniforms for a local teams is another idea to look into. You could try contracting with your local football and basketball teams to sew names and numbers onto their shirts. Or you might contact the cheerleading teams and offer your services to design and make their uniforms before the season starts. Sometimes it is hard to find the right colors and the right style uniform, so the leaders may decide to hire you out to create outfits for the entire team. This will be a big order to process, and you can put your sewing skills to work. Once you have the authorization to begin the project, you can start measuring the girls. You will need to figure out a system that will help to keep you organized during this time.

Arts and Crafts Shows

Arts and crafts shows are becoming more popular today then they were just a few years ago. Everyone seems to be in search for homemade items that they can use or decorate with. This is where your sewing abilities come in. You can create several homemade gifts that can be sold at the shows. You may want to sew a variety of things but have one item that you can display at all times. Never sell your display until the very last day in case someone wants to order one. Consider your display item as a way in which to take orders. Be sure to print up some business cards before you arrive at the arts and crafts show. You want people to call you with orders if they decide they want something from you in the future. They may also call you with orders for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and anniversary gifts.

Open a Bridal Shop

Use your talent of sewing to open a bridal shop. You can make some dresses when you do not have customers, but for the most part you will be offering to create a wedding gown based on what the bride wants and can afford. Not everyone likes the same dress, and that is why they may come to you for a custom designed wedding gown. You can also offer maids-of-honor dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, prom dresses, and other formal wear that you have created. You will need some designer tags that can be sewn into the dress so everyone will know who made it. You can also offer accessories, such as veils to wear with the gowns, gloves, purses and handbags. Lastly, you may also want to offer artificial flowers that will help the bride select the right colors for her wedding.

There are so many different ways that you can turn your ability to sew into a profit. You will be doing what you want to do whilst making money with your sewing machine.

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