Benefits That Are Available For Single Parents

In most cases it is much more difficult to raise a child as a single parent than it is in a two-parent family situation.  Learn about some of the programs that are available if you need single parent benefits.

There are many of the programs available, but they have detailed eligibility rules.  Here are many of the programs that are available and the eligibility requirements.

Single Parent Benefits For Assistance with Childcare Expenses

There is government help for single parents who need help to meet childcare expenses through the Department of Health and Human Services.

This type of assistance is needed because many single parents often have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Rather than provide money directly to these parents, the department’s Child Care and Development Fund allocates money to finance state childcare assistance programs.

To Apply:

Single parents who need this assistance just have to apply at their local or state agencies and give proof that childcare is required due to classes they are taking or a job they have to work.

Do an internet search for “state assistance for childcare expenses in (your state)” to start getting help.

To qualify, your income must be below the current limit and the child must be below 13 years of age or have special needs.

Help with Medical Expenses

Medical expenses for everyone are high these days, and children are no exception.  Assistance for single parents can be obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Pregnant women who are under the income level can apply for Medicaid assistance that can include coverage for the birth of the child.

Parents with a limited income can also receive assistance for children under the age of 18 and children who need full time nursing care.

Check with your local Social Security office, your state Medicaid agency, or your state or county social services office for more information.

Single Parent Benefits For Insurance

In addition to the Medicare program listed above, it is possible for low income single parents to secure insurance for their children through CHIP, i.e., the Children’s Health Care Insurance Program.

This program was initiated in 1997 and was then re-empowered in 2009.

The program will ensure that millions of children are guaranteed to get healthcare coverage that is funded by the State and Federal governments.

Each state runs its own program and this enables the concerned those states to decide on the coverage levels and eligibility regulations as well as to monitor administration activities.

Child Development Services

The government’s Head Start program provides single parents with assistance aimed at preparing their children for school. Under this program funds are available to public and private agencies so that these agencies can help needy parents access the child development services they need.

Applications for this assistance are made at local Early Head Start or Head Start offices.

These services include:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition
  • Other related child development services

Food Stamps For Single Parents

Food stamps are provided through the Department of Human Services through the SNAP Program.

Successful applicants are provided with food stamps as well as free/reduced school meals.

Each applicant’s case is reviewed to ensure that it meets the requirements.

Applications can also be made to the main office at the school  the child attends.

Benefits For Electricity and Heat Services

Single parents can also apply for benefits for heat and electricity.  The applications for energy assistance are made in the county where you live. This assistance is designed as an emergency fund for people who are at risk of losing the services.

Do an internet search for “energy assistance in (your county)” for additional information.

Housing Benefits For Single Parents

Single parent families that meet the desired financial criteria are eligible for two entitlement programs that are offered by HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development).

The first of these programs is the Low Income Housing program.  It includes community and apartment housing units that are owned by HUD.

The second program is known as the Section Eight Housing and it characteristically has a significant waiting list.  The program involves an applicant finding an apartment and making an agreement with the landlord such that he/she (the applicant, i.e., consumer/tenant) will pay a portion of the required rent, with HUD taking care of the remaining amount.

Applicants have to find apartments whose rents are ‘reasonable’ as deemed by the program. To access these programs single parents can approach their local HUD offices and fill out the provided application forms. For assistance with the required telephone numbers you can get in touch with the Department of Human Services in your county.

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