A How to Guide for Selling Stuff on Craigslist

Craigslist.org is the new and free alternative to newspaper classified ads, and you can use Craigslist to sell anything.If you have some items that you want to sell quickly, this is the place to do it. Unlike with eBay, you do not need an account and it does not cost you anything to post a listing.
All items are generally sold locally and face to face. You may be pleasantly surprised by some of the things that you are able to sell on Craigslist, and how much you can get for them.
Below, we tell you everything that you need to know to begin selling your items:

What to Sell

First, you will need to decide what you are going to sell. Even though you may be able to get more by selling an item on eBay, it is usually possible to sell on Craigslist quicker. Additionally, there are no listing or selling fees, and because all sales are done locally, you can sell big and heavy things that may have been impossible to sell on eBay due to the huge shipping costs.
If you have lots of things that you want to get rid of, you may want to consider picking a day to have a yard sale. Read “Yard Sale Tips and How to Maximize Your Profits” for more information.

Getting Started

Once you have a items to sell, you are ready to go online and post your listing. Here is what to do next:

. Go to


. If this is the first time that you have visited the site, you will need to select your state, and then the city that you live in, or closest to.

. Click on the “for sale” link.

. Once on the “items for sale” page, click the “post” link in the top right hand corner.

Now, choose the category to list your item under.

. You should be on the item description page and ready to type in your item’s description.

Item Description

To successfully use Craigslist to sell things, your item title needs to be clear and to the point. State clearly what the item is, brand name and model number (if applicable), size (if applicable), and condition.
Once you have the potential buyers’ attention with your captivating title, you have the chance to really sell your item in the item description area. Be as descriptive as possible, and include the following: how old the item is, why you’re selling it, measurements (if applicable), any possible flaws or repair requirements, ig it’s under warranty, the price (discussed in number 5), and anything else that you feel would be important to state.
Finally, you will need to include your contact details. Have a phone number and e-mail address in the listing. Some people prefer contacting via phone, and others via e-mail, so give the option of both.


Make sure to add a photo of what you’re selling. You are allowed to attach up to four, and so take advantage of this. Take clear, good quality photos from different angles. Don’t forget to have a photo that accentuates the best feature of the item.
If you don’t have photos on your listing, selling on Craigslist will be a lot more difficult


Be sensible with your pricing. If you overprice, you will find it a lot harder to sell stuff. Do some research online and find out what the going rate is for the item that you are selling.
Be prepared to negotiate with people. You may even want to put, “or best offer” in the description, next to your price, to attract more buyers.

Listing Maintenance

After you have submitted a listing, you will need to activate it. Craigslist will immediately send you an e-mail, which you need to open and click the link inside. Then, you will be shown your listing and the option to edit, delete, or publish it. Assuming that everything is correct, click the “publish” button.

If you want to make adjustments to your listing at any time, you can come back to the link in that e-mail and edit the listing through the link.
If you want to resubmit a listing, you will have to write it out again; however, you will have to wait 48 hours from the time you submitted the original, otherwise Craigslist won’t publish it.

Selling and Safety

Upon agreeing to sell something on Craigslist, you will need to arrange to meet the buyer in order to exchange the goods for the cash. Follow the listed guidelines to avoid any problems:

  • Only accept cash, and absolutely no checks.
  • If possible, arrange to meet at a public place.
  • If the item needs to be picked up at your home, only give your address to the buyer when they are ready to leave.
  • Arrange a pick-up during the daylight hours.
  • When the buyer arrives, stand outside and have the item ready with you.
  • If possible, have another adult with you or nearby.
  • Try to complete the whole transaction outside of the house.

Scam Alerts

Like with other online selling sites, Craigslist is sometimes vulnerable to scams, and so it is important to be on alert. Look out for:

  • Strange e-mails that look like they may have been written by a non-native english speaker.
  • Someone who wants to send you a check in excess of the required amount.
  • A sellr that wants you to wire money to them.
  • E-mails containing elaborate and far fetched stories.
  • Anything else that puts you on alert. If you don’t feel comfortable with a transaction, leave it alone. There will be other buyers.

Removing Your Listing

After selling stuff on Craigslist, or if you have changed your mind about selling an item, don’t forget to remove the listing. Otherwise, you may continue to receive phone calls and e-mails for a few days. You can delete your listing by going to the original confirmation e-mail that Craigslist sent to you. Click on the link in the e-mail, and then choose “delete.”

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